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In the world as we know it today, matched betting is one of the leading topics. The concept of sports betting is attractive to anyone who enjoys sports events. Especially when you are given the chance to place two bets and have the chance to gain a profit. There are a few conditions that you need to be aware of when sports betting to avoid mistakes. But if everything goes to plan, your qualifying bet could build your profit.

What to Know About No-Risk Matched Betting

  • Making a matched bet revolves around making use of free bet offers from physical and online bookmakers.
  • Matched betting has to do with bettors placing a back bet on sports events at a bookmaker. After this, they lay a free bet on the same event (bet against the results).
  • A matched betting calculator determines the stakes that guarantee that you gain a profit.
  • After ensuring that both bets are placed correctly and the calculator is accurate then whatever the result is, the betters profit is definite.

How Do you Define Risk Free Matched Betting

Bettors that are called ‘sharp’ bettors use a no risk matched betting method for protecting the profit they generate after betting. When bettors make a qualifying bet in order to qualify for a bonus bet, they typically lose a modest amount. However, they are able to utilize this in locking a profit by back betting and laying the same event. After the lay stake is settled on with the calculation being accurate, it doesn’t matter whether the bettors lose or win, they will gain profit regardless, Matched betting is now known as a reliable income source or a side hustle in New Zealand. Bookmakers are the organization or the person who are accepting and paying off bets. If their profits on bets end up being affected by the practice, the disadvantage is that they look down upon matched betting and they ban all the accounts that are participating in the event. For some bettors though, the loss of the accounts is something they are in-terms with. This is because they believe that the exchange of a stable amount of income in a secondary term is better since it can go up-to thousands.

Betting exchanges explained

A conventional bookmaker will apply an over round to the betting odds they offer, which is designed to secure their profit for that particular bet. When a bet is placed, the contract is then between the bettor and the bookmaker. Betting exchanges function differently. Rather than taking bets from bettors, they merely provide a platform for bettors to bet against one another. All bets at exchanges have to be “matched”, which means that if one bettor places a back bet, there has to be another bettor willing to place a lay on the same bet. If there isn’t, a bet will remain unmatched; if it isn’t matched by another bettor before the event commences, then it will be cancelled. At a standard bookmaker, there is no need to wait for bets to “match”, as the bookmaker accepts the bet rather than another user. How to Go on About Betting Exchanges An over-round is applied to the betting odds offered by a traditional bookmaker in order to ensure their profit for that particular bet. The contract between the bettor and the bookmaker is formed when a bet is placed. There is a unique way in which betting exchanges work. They do not accept bets from bettors, instead a platform is provided to the bettors where they are able to compete against each other. The bets in the exchanges have to be ‘matched’. This means that once a better has placed a back bet, another bettor must be ready to place a lay on the same bet. If there is no one present to do this, the bet stays unmatched and if it stays this way until the event begins then it will lead to an automatic cancellation. A bookmaker usually agrees to the bets than the other user, hence, at a standard bookmaker there is little need to linger until someone bets to ‘match’. This proves that rather than a conventional bookmaker, betting exchanges are a bigger platform that enables a simple a peer-to-peer betting. Betting exchanges are quite popular everywhere in the world, including New Zealand. Risk-Matched Betting Method in New Zealand Your first priority to try matched betting would be to sign up at a new online bookmaker site. There are quite a few online betting sites present in New Zealand that can give you the best services. It’s fairly simple to try some matched betting. The first thing that you will need to do would be to sign up to a new bookmaker site. We have a good list of the best betting sites in New Zealand so that you can be assured of a quality service. At this bookmaker you would register your account and apply for any welcome bonus that offered you free bets for making a deposit and putting down a qualifying sports bet. Let’s imagine that the bookmaker had a welcome bonus that gave you $30 in free bets for making a qualifying bet of $10 on odds of 1.60 or more. So to unlock this deal you decided to bet on New Zealand to beat England in an upcoming cricket Test match. For this you put down a bet of $10 on odds of 2.00 for New Zealand to get a winning result. Don’t forget that we have a guide about ‘What is 1×2 betting?’ that can be useful for understanding these kinds of betting markets. After you have done this, you will need to go to a betting exchange in New Zealand. Here you will have to make a $10 bet on odds of 2.00 for New Zealand not to win their Test match over England. This means that your bets will be matched and you won’t lose any money regardless of what happens in the cricket match.

Once the bets had been settled, then you will find that your free bets have been unlocked. You can keep repeating this whole process to benefit from these free bet deals for more profits without risking losing your money on your bets.

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